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Monitor all the metrics that matter, without slowing down your site or compromising your visitor's privacy.

Panel Bear

Top Features

1) Dashboard is up-to-the-minute real time 2) No tracking cookies personal data

Free trial available

Paid Plan starts at $ 4.99 / mo

Marketing Automation

Metigy’s marketing insights help you create high-quality content and a strategy that gets engagement, conversions and grows your audience.


Top Features

1) Create high quality content strategy 2) Recommends actions & insights

Free trial available

Paid Plan starts at $ 25 / mo

Content Strategy

Marketing copy in seconds using AI.

Top Features

Generate copy for ad headlines, blog intros, product descriptions, and much more.

Free trial available

Paid Plan starts at $ 35 / mo


Create highly targeted Youtube ad campaigns in 5 mins.


Top Features

1) Advertise on the exact videos your customers watch 2) Find contextual placements

Free trial not available

Paid Plan starts at $ 59 / mo

Youtube Ads

Atlasmic is everything you need to run a successful business online. Live chat, inbound marketing, analytics and much more.


Top Features

1) Chat with customers 2) Log every interaction automatically

Free trial available

Paid Plan starts at eur 20 / mo


Manage your marketing tasks in one place.


Top Features

1) Drag and drop editor to create tasks 2) Make boards public or keep private based on the task

Free trial available

Paid Plan starts at $ 5 / mo


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Ask me Academy (AMA) is new way of learning, as we believe inquisitiveness drives learning. Every week we will have a practicing marketing professional answer your marketing questions. Once you register we will send you the link to the session along with option to ask a question. Typically speaker sessions are hosted on a Saturday between 11 - 12 PM. 


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